Powerful hardware, stronger moves, advanced features.
Free trial includes 10 minutes of calculation credit for NCM's Ryzen 7950X 16 CPU-core and RTX 2080 GPU dedicated servers.
Stronger. Faster.

NCM's Ryzen 7950X 16 CPU-core servers respond faster and harness more computational power to produce stronger moves.

Set think times from a quick 100ms which can outplay almost any human, to a full 30 seconds for unmatched strength and top-level play.

Simple Pricing

$19 per year. Get unlimited access to everything NCM has to offer for a full year.

There are no pricing tiers, and your membership does not automatically renew.

Feature Summary
Free Trial Paid
Access to All Engines
NCM runs Stockfish, LcZero, and many others. Engines are the software programs which perform move calculations.
Stockfish Dev Builds
Dev builds provide the latest, up-to-the-minute improvements to the Stockfish chess engine.
Think Time
Choose how much time the engine spends calculating.
Fixed at 5 seconds per calculation Adjustable between 100 milliseconds and 30 seconds per calculation
Email Support
We try to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.
No Ads
We serve ads to free-tier users to help offset the cost of hardware.
Realtime Move Display
Moves are shown in real-time during the calculation as the engine deepens its understanding of the position.
Stoppable Calculations
Stop long-running calculations early to get immediate results from the engine.
Saved Boards
Automatically save your board after every move. Create and switch between any number of saved boards.
Multi-PV Search
Get up to 4 moves per calculation.
Syzygy Tablebases
Syzygy tablebases are are large databases stored on SSD drives to enhance calculations and achieve perfect play with 6 or fewer pieces on the board.
Up to 10 minutes with trial credit
Hardware Free Trial Paid
Single Core AMD EPYC 7702
700 knps Stockfish 16.1*
16 core AMD Ryzen 7950X
17,000 knps Stockfish 16.1*
Up to 10 minutes with trial credit
RTX 2080 GPU
25,000 nps LcZero T40 42872*
Up to 10 minutes with trial credit
* Benchmarks are approximate and based on 5 second per move calculations from the starting position.
Powerful Hardware

Stronger Moves

Chess engines work by searching ahead as many moves "deep" as the think time allows. NCM's Ryzen 7950X 16 CPU-core and RTX 2080 GPU servers accelerate this search to produce stronger moves.

Faster Moves

Our dedicated hardware can give you stronger moves in shorter time. For example, Stockfish 15 running for 1 second per move on 16 CPU cores is significantly stronger than Stockfish 15 running for 5 seconds per move on a single CPU core.

Reliable Performance

With NCM Pro, each time you hit calculate, NCM finds an idle server to perform your calculation and your calculation only. The engine can then use every bit of the server's processing power.

Frequently Asked Questions

What difference do the 16 CPU core servers make?

Quite a bit. The faster hardware allows the engine to evaluate more positions per second and get "deeper" (see more moves ahead) than the single core hardware. Thus the engines are able to find stronger moves at depths that the single core hardware can't reach.

For example, we had Stockfish 15 play 1,000 games against itself, one side on the single-core hardware and the other on the 16-CPU core hardware, each at 5 seconds per move. Stockfish running the 16-CPU core hardware won 293 games, drew 702, and lost 5.

Why are calculations limited to 30 seconds?

To maintain server availability, we restrict each calculation to a maximum of 30 seconds. This time limit helps to minimize queuing and ensure that there's always an idle server available to handle your calculation.

How do I cancel?

We never automatically renew subscriptions, so you can cancel your account simply by not renewing. If you are unhappy with the service, or just want to cancel early for any reason, please contact us to arrange a refund.

How do I renew?

NCM displays a link to renew approximately 30 days before your membership is set to expire.

What happens if I don't renew?

Nothing. You can always log in to your account and renew after it has expired.

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