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Commit ID 58054fd0fa6294510fc8cf76b0ba9673d5094c10
Author Tomasz Sobczyk
Date 2021-05-11 17:36:11 UTC
Exporting the currently loaded network file This PR adds an ability to export any currently loaded network. The export_net command now takes an optional filename parameter. If the loaded net is not the embedded net the filename parameter is required. Two changes were required to support this: * the "architecture" string, which is really just a some kind of description in the net, is now saved into netDescription on load and correctly saved on export. * the AffineTransform scrambles weights for some architectures and sparsifies them, such that retrieving the index is hard. This is solved by having a temporary scrambled<->unscrambled index lookup table when loading the network, and the actual index is saved for each individual weight that makes it to canSaturate16. This increases the size of the canSaturate16 entries by 6 bytes. closes No functional change
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