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Commit ID 1188141aa78d01c361582daaa73de5154b6d09b1
Author Stéphane Nicolet
Date 2021-01-30 12:20:56 UTC
Improve play for closed positions This patch give a small bonus to incite the attacking side to keep more pawns on the board. A consequence of this bonus is that Stockfish will tend to play positions slightly more closed on average than master, especially when it believes that it has an advantage. To lower the risk of blockades where Stockfish start shuffling without progress, we also implement a progressive decrease of the evaluation value with the 50 moves counter (along with the necessary aging of the transposition table to reduce the impact of the Graph History Interaction problem): since the evaluation decreases during shuffling phases, the engine will tend to examine the consequences of pawn breaks faster during the search. Passed STC: LLR: 2.96 (-2.94,2.94) {-0.25,1.25} Total: 26184 W: 2406 L: 2252 D: 21526 Ptnml(0-2): 85, 1784, 9223, 1892, 108 Passed LCT: LLR: 2.95 (-2.94,2.94) {0.25,1.25} Total: 199768 W: 7695 L: 7191 D: 184882 Ptnml(0-2): 85, 6478, 86269, 6952, 100 Closes Bench: 3988915
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