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Commit ID 12ef8f71a2822f91e844e26d352d5fc27ac9559f
Author protonspring
Date 2018-05-01 21:55:30 UTC
Use special rule for BlockedByKing Simplification: remove BlockedByKing from storm array and use a special rule. The BlockedByKing section in the storm array is substantially similar to the Unopposed section except for two extreme values V(-290), V(-274). Turns out removing BlockedByKing and using a special rule for these two values shows no Elo loss. All the other values in the BlockedByKing section are apparently irrelevant. BlockedByKing now falls under unopposed which (to me) is a bit more logical since there is no defending pawn on this file. Also, retuning the Unopposed section may be another improvement. GOOD) This is a simplification because the entire BlockedByKing section of the storm array goes away reducing a few lines of code (and less values to tune). This also brings clarity because the special rule is self documenting. BAD) It takes execution time to apply the special rule. This should be negli- gible because it is based on a template parameter and is boiled down to two bitwise AND's. STC: LLR: 2.96 (-2.94,2.94) [-3.00,1.00] Total: 33470 W: 6820 L: 6721 D: 19929 LTC: LLR: 2.96 (-2.94,2.94) [-3.00,1.00] Total: 47627 W: 7045 L: 6963 D: 33619 Closes Bench: 5512000 ----------- How to continue after this patch? This patch may open the possibility to move the special rule to evaluate.cpp in the evaluate::king() function, where we could refine the rule using king danger information. For instance, with a king in H2 blocking an opponent pawn in H3, it may be critical to know that the opponent has no safe check in G2 before giving the bonus :-)
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