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Commit ID 23a022980baadd5315d59a1480d26925a427aeb9
Author 31m059
Date 2019-10-09 05:17:52 UTC
No reachable outpost bonus for bishops Previously, we used various control statements and ternary operators to divide Outpost into four bonuses, based on whether the outpost was for a knight or bishop, and whether it was currently an Outpost or merely a potential ("reachable") one in the future. Bishop outposts, however, have traditionally been worth far less Elo in testing. An attempt to remove them altogether passed STC, but failed LTC. Here we include a narrower simplification, removing the reachable Outpost bonus for bishops. This bonus was always suspect, given that its current implementation conflicts directly with BishopPawns. BishopPawns penalizes our bishops based on the number of friendly pawns on the same color of square, but by definition, Outposts must be pawn-protected! This PR helps to alleviate this conceptual contradiction without loss of Elo and with slightly simpler code. On a code level, this allows us to simplify a ternary operator into the previous "if" block and distribute a multiplication into an existing constant Score. On a conceptual level, we retire one of the four traditional Outpost bonuses. STC: LLR: 2.95 (-2.94,2.94) [-3.00,1.00] Total: 22277 W: 4882 L: 4762 D: 12633 LTC: LLR: 2.95 (-2.94,2.94) [-3.00,1.00] Total: 51206 W: 8353 L: 8280 D: 34573 Closes Bench: 3941591
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