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NCM plays each Stockfish dev build 20,000 times against Stockfish 14. This yields an approximate Elo difference and establishes confidence in the strength of the dev builds.


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Commit ID 392b529c3f52103ad47ad096b86103c17758cb4f
Author Stéphane Nicolet
Date 2020-11-08 08:15:34 UTC
Qsearch pruning: follow-up This is a follow-up of the recent qsearch pruning patch in We now use the same guard condition (testing that we already have a defense with a score better score than a TB loss) for all pruning heuristics in qsearch(). This allows some pruning when in check, but in a controlled way to ensure that no wrong mate scores appear. Tested with Elo-gaining bounds: STC: LLR: 2.97 (-2.94,2.94) {-0.25,1.25} Total: 22632 W: 2433 L: 2264 D: 17935 Ptnml(0-2): 98, 1744, 7487, 1865, 122 LTC: LLR: 2.94 (-2.94,2.94) {0.25,1.25} Total: 105432 W: 4965 L: 4648 D: 95819 Ptnml(0-2): 85, 4110, 44011, 4423, 87 closes Bench: 3578092
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