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Commit ID 39437f4e55aaa26ef9f0d5a1c762e560e9ffde32
Author Sami Kiminki
Date 2020-01-27 10:16:10 UTC
Advise the kernel to use huge pages (Linux) Align the TT allocation by 2M to make it huge page friendly and advise the kernel to use huge pages. Benchmarks on my i7-8700K (6C/12T) box: (3 runs per bench per config) vanilla (nps) hugepages (nps) avg ================================================================================== bench | 3012490 3024364 3036331 3071052 3067544 3071052 +1.5% bench 16 12 20 | 19237932 19050166 19085315 19266346 19207025 19548758 +1.1% bench 16384 12 20 | 18182313 18371581 18336838 19381275 19738012 19620225 +7.0% On my box, huge pages have a significant perf impact when using a big hash size. They also speed up TT initialization big time: vanilla (s) huge pages (s) speed-up ======================================================================= time stockfish bench 16384 1 1 | 5.37 1.48 3.6x In practice, huge pages with auto-defrag may always be enabled in the system, in which case this patch has no effect. This depends on the values in /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/enabled and /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/defrag. closes No functional change
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