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NCM plays each Stockfish dev build 20,000 times against Stockfish 14. This yields an approximate Elo difference and establishes confidence in the strength of the dev builds.


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Commit ID 4a0db9ea3c34d7663a039c40ce810ba9cb743cca
Author SFisGOD
Date 2018-11-01 14:39:19 UTC
Combo Combo of two parameter tweaks and tuned values for Queen and ThreatByKing. STC LLR: 2.95 (-2.94,2.94) [0.00,4.00] Total: 20180 W: 4439 L: 4198 D: 11543 LTC LLR: 2.95 (-2.94,2.94) [0.00,4.00] Total: 86312 W: 14106 L: 13685 D: 58521 This combo consists of the following: Queen Value (tuned values) Iter: 72056, A: 5000, alpha 0.602000, gamma 0.101000, clipping old, rounding deterministic param: QueenValueMg, best: 2528.91, start: 2528.00 param: QueenValueEg, best: 2687.12, start: 2698.00 ThreatByKing (tuned values) Green STC (50.8k games) LTC (I stopped this test at 71.2k games. It's likely yellow.) WeakUnopposedPawn (tweak) by xoto ( Green STC (102.8k games) Yellow LTC (90.8k games) aspiTune1 (tweak) by vondele ( Green STC (125.9k games) Yellow LTC (107.9k games) Thank you @31m059 (Mark Tenzer) for helping me! Also, thank you very much for recognizing my efforts. I genuinely appreciate it. Bench: 3556672
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