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Commit ID 5928cb2b300baafb040495ce41f9a5f42132d141
Author Marco Costalba
Date 2019-04-12 11:48:04 UTC
Revert "Shuffle detection #2064" It causes a serious regression hanging a simple fixed depth search. Reproducible with: position fen q1B5/1P1q4/8/8/8/6R1/8/1K1k4 w - - 0 1 go depth 13 The reason is a search tree explosion due to: if (... && depth < 3 * ONE_PLY) extension = ONE_PLY; This is very dangerous code by itself because triggers **at the leafs** and in the above position keeps extending endlessly. In normal games time deadline makes the search to stop sooner or later, but in fixed seacrch we just hang possibly for a very long time. This is not acceptable because 'go depth 13' shall not be a surprise for any position. This patch reverts commit 76f1807baa90eb69f66001d25df2a28533f9406f. and fixes the issue Bench: 3243738
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