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NCM plays each Stockfish dev build 20,000 times against Stockfish 14. This yields an approximate Elo difference and establishes confidence in the strength of the dev builds.


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Commit ID 6596f0eac0c1d25a12bfd923907bfc78beedbc90
Author protonspring
Date 2020-04-12 18:34:50 UTC
Always remember the ttMove In master, if the received ttMove meets the prescribed conditions in the various MovePicker constructors, it is returned as the first move, otherwise we set it to MOVE_NONE. If set to MOVE_NONE, we no longer track what the ttMove was, and it will might be returned later in a list of generated moves. This may be a waste. With this patch, if the ttMove fails to meet the prescribed conditions, we simply skip the TT stages, but still store the move and make sure it's never returned. STC LLR: 2.94 (-2.94,2.94) {-1.50,0.50} Total: 66424 W: 12903 L: 12806 D: 40715 Ptnml(0-2): 1195, 7730, 15230, 7897, 1160 LTC LLR: 2.94 (-2.94,2.94) {-1.50,0.50} Total: 45682 W: 5989 L: 5926 D: 33767 Ptnml(0-2): 329, 4361, 13443, 4334, 374 closes Bench 4928928
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