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NCM plays each Stockfish dev build 20,000 times against Stockfish 14. This yields an approximate Elo difference and establishes confidence in the strength of the dev builds.


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Commit ID 76f1807baa90eb69f66001d25df2a28533f9406f
Author Moez Jellouli
Date 2019-03-31 08:51:08 UTC
Shuffle detection #2064 Shuffle detection procedure : Shuffling positions are detected if the last 36 moves are reversible (rule50_count() > 36), the position have been already in the TT, there is a still a pawn on the board (to avoid special endings like KBN vs K). The position is then judged as a draw. An extension is realized if we already made 14 successive reversible moves in PV to accelerate the detection of the eventual draw. To go further : we can still improve the idea. The length of the tests need a lot of ressources. the limit of 36 is logic but must be checked again for special zugzwang positions, this limit can be decreased in special positions, the limit of 14 moves for extension has not been tuned. STC LLR: -2.94 (-2.94,2.94) [0.50,4.50] Total: 32595 W: 7273 L: 7275 D: 18047 Elo +0.43 LTC LLR: 2.95 (-2.94,2.94) [0.00,3.50] Total: 51249 W: 8807 L: 8486 D: 33956 Elo +1.85 VLTC LLR: 2.96 (-2.94,2.94) [0.00,3.50] Total: 137974 W: 20503 L: 19983 D: 97488 Elo +1.05 Bench: 3548313
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