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Commit ID 9afa03b80ea4610729427ee8287a5bbadba03e02
Author noobpwnftw
Date 2018-07-31 09:24:28 UTC
7-pieces Syzygy tablebase support This is the first patch teaching Stockfish how to use the 7-pieces Syzygy tablebase currently calculated by Bujun Guo (@noobpwnftw) and Ronald de Man (@syzygy1). The 7-pieces database are so big that they required a change in the internal format of the files (technically, some DTZ values are 16 bits long, so this had to be stored as wide integers in the Huffman tree). Here are the estimated file size for the 7-pieces Syzygy files, compared to the 151G of the 6-pieces Syzygy: ``` 7.1T ./7men_testing/4v3_pawnful (ongoing, 120 of 325 sets remaining) 2.4T ./7men_testing/4v3_pawnless 2.3T ./7men_testing/5v2_pawnful 660G ./7men_testing/5v2_pawnless 117G ./7men_testing/6v1_pawnful 87G ./7men_testing/6v1_pawnless ``` Some pointers to download or recalculate the tables: Location of original files, by Bujun Guo: Mirrors: (partial) Generator code: Closes Bench: 5591925 (No functional change if SyzygyTB is not used) ---------------------- Comment by Leonardo Ljubičić (@DragonMist) This is an amazing achievement, generating and being able to use 7 men syzygy on the fly. Thank you for your efforts @noobpwnftw !! Looking forward how this will work in real life, and expecting some trade off between gaining perfect play and slow disc Access, but once the disc speed and space is not a problem, I expect 7 men to yield something like 30 elo at least. ----------------------- Comment by Michael Byrne (@MichaelB7) This definitely has a bright future. I turned off the 50 move rule (ala ICCF new rules) for the following position: `[d]8/8/1b6/8/4N2r/1k6/7B/R1K5 w - - 0 1` This position is a 451 ply win for white (sans the 50 move rule, this position was identified by the generator as the longest cursed win for white in KRBN v KRB). Now Stockfish finds it instantly (as it should), nice work 👊👍 . ``` dep score nodes time 7 +132.79 4339 0:00.00 Rb1+ Kc4 Nd6+ Kc5 Bg1+ Kxd6 Rxb6+ Kc7 Be3 Rh2 Bd4 6 +132.79 1652 0:00.00 Rb1+ Kc4 Nd2+ Kd5 Rxb6 Rxh2 Nf3 Rf2 5 +132.79 589 0:00.00 Rb1+ Kc4 Rxb6 Rxh2 Nf6 Rh1+ Kb2 4 +132.79 308 0:00.00 Rb1+ Kc4 Nd6+ Kc3 Rxb6 Rxh2 3 +132.79 88 0:00.00 Rb1+ Ka4 Nc3+ Ka5 Ra1+ Kb4 Ra4+ Kxc3 Rxh4 2 +132.79 54 0:00.00 Rb1+ Ka4 Nc3+ Ka5 Ra1+ Kb4 1 +132.7 ```
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