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Commit ID bbe98576846ad44ca531cdb6f42bf3eefa7d47c5
Author Vizvezdenec
Date 2020-06-24 19:56:11 UTC
Do less futility pruning for captures. The idea of this patch is that if capture can be described as "less valuable piece takes more valuable piece" it's not really correct to add only piece value of captured piece to static evaluation since there can be more threats in other places and opponent can't really do much but recapture our capturing piece which leaves us space for more captures thus winning more material and increasing static eval. passed STC LLR: 2.96 (-2.94,2.94) {-0.50,1.50} Total: 24736 W: 4838 L: 4607 D: 15291 Ptnml(0-2): 438, 2812, 5648, 3021, 449 passed LTC LLR: 2.93 (-2.94,2.94) {0.25,1.75} Total: 46152 W: 5865 L: 5567 D: 34720 Ptnml(0-2): 312, 4160, 13886, 4354, 364 closes bench 4789930
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