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Commit ID be7a03a957d5c2590a329f8f47acea8af2305adf
Author Vizvezdenec
Date 2020-12-05 15:48:33 UTC
Introduce static history The idea of this patch can be described as following: we update static history stats based on comparison of the static evaluations of the position before and after the move. If the move increases static evaluation it's assigned positive bonus, if it decreases static evaluation it's assigned negative bonus. These stats are used in movepicker to sort quiet moves. passed STC LLR: 3.00 (-2.94,2.94) {-0.25,1.25} Total: 78152 W: 7409 L: 7171 D: 63572 Ptnml(0-2): 303, 5695, 26873, 5871, 334 passed LTC LLR: 2.94 (-2.94,2.94) {0.25,1.25} Total: 40240 W: 1602 L: 1441 D: 37197 Ptnml(0-2): 19, 1306, 17305, 1475, 15 closes bench 3845156
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