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Commit ID ca7d4e9ac7b5ca74be8aa807fbdf139b2a0860ab
Author Brian Sheppard
Date 2019-10-05 22:57:00 UTC
Eliminate ONE_PLY Simplification that eliminates ONE_PLY, based on a suggestion in the forum that support for fractional plies has never been used, and @mcostalba's openness to the idea of eliminating it. We lose a little bit of type safety by making Depth an integer, but in return we simplify the code in search.cpp quite significantly. No functional change ------------------------------------------ The argument favoring eliminating ONE_PLY: * The term “ONE_PLY” comes up in a lot of forum posts (474 to date)!searchin/fishcooking/ONE_PLY%7Csort:relevance * There is occasionally a commit that breaks invariance of the code with respect to ONE_PLY!searchin/fishcooking/ONE_PLY%7Csort:date/fishcooking/ZIPdYj6k0fk/KdNGcPWeBgAJ * To prevent such commits, there is a Travis CI hack that doubles ONE_PLY and rechecks bench * Sustaining ONE_PLY has, alas, not resulted in any improvements to the engine, despite many individuals testing many experiments over 5 years. The strongest argument in favor of preserving ONE_PLY comes from @locutus: “If we use par example ONE_PLY=256 the parameter space is increases by the factor 256. So it seems very unlikely that the optimal setting is in the subspace of ONE_PLY=1.” There is a strong theoretical impediment to fractional depth systems: the transposition table uses depth to determine when a stored result is good enough to supply an answer for a current search. If you have fractional depths, then different pathways to the position can be at fractionally different depths. In the end, there are three separate times when a proposal to remove ONE_PLY was defeated by the suggestion to “give it a few more months.” So… it seems like time to remove this distraction from the community. See the pull request here:
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