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Commit ID e18e557e77ece5afaa3aee2d982f23685526bc1b
Author syzygy
Date 2016-10-27 04:26:22 UTC
Output PV if last iteration does not complete Instead of outputting "info nodes ... time ..." when the last iteration is interrupted, simply call UCI::pv() to output the PV. I thought about calling UCI:pv() with bounds -VALUE_INFINITE, VALUE_INFINITE to avoid "lowerbound" or "upperbound" appearing in it, but I'm not sure that would be any better. This patch fixes rare inconsistencies between the first move of the last PV output and the bestmove played. It also makes sure that all the latest statistics are sent to the GUI (not only nodes and time but also nps, tbhits, hashfull). No functional change.
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