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Commit ID e9aeaad05266ca557a9496b5a17b4c5f82f0e946
Author syzygy1
Date 2018-04-18 15:49:19 UTC
Analysis Contempt combo box This patch introduces an Analysis Contempt UCI combo box to control the behaviour of contempt during analysis. The possible values are Both, Off, White, Black. Technically, the engine is supposed to be in analysis mode if UCI_AnalyseMode is set by the graphical user interface or if the user has chosen infinite analysis mode ("go infinite"). Credits: the idea for the combo box is due to Michel Van den Bergh. No functional change (outside analysis mode). ----------------------------------------------------- The so-called "contempt" is an optimism value that the engine adds to one color to avoid simplifications and keep tension in the position during its search. It was introduced in Stockfish 9 and seemed to give good results during the TCEC 11 tournament (Stockfish seemed to play a little bit more actively than in previous seasons). The patch does not change the play during match or blitz play, but gives more options for correspondance players to decide for which color(s) they would like to use contempt in analysis mode (infinite time). Here is a description of the various options: * Both : in analysis mode, use the contempt for both players (alternating) * Off : in analysis mode, use the contempt for none of the players * White : in analysis mode, White will play actively, Black will play passively * Black : in analysis mode, Black will play actively, White will play passively
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