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NCM plays each Stockfish dev build 20,000 times against Stockfish 14. This yields an approximate Elo difference and establishes confidence in the strength of the dev builds.


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Commit ID f35e52f030af837ed8a89eecd67a6f746ee2e897
Author Marco Costalba
Date 2018-03-03 10:35:33 UTC
Merge Stats tables Use a recursive std::array with variadic template parameters to get rid of the last redundacy. The first template T parameter is the base type of the array, the W parameter is the weight applied to the bonuses when we update values with the << operator, the D parameter limits the range of updates (range is [-W * D, W * D]), and the last parameters (Size and Sizes) encode the dimensions of the array. This allows greater flexibility because we can now tweak the range [-W * D, W * D] for each table. Patch removes more lines than what adds and streamlines the Stats soup in movepick.h Closes PR#1422 and PR#1421 No functional change.
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